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Biggest Project about Y-DNA J-M304 (includes J1 and J2) with 2,000 members. Please join to discover more about Y-Chromosome Haplogroup J. Shortcut to: FAQ, People, Links, Donate
Y-DNA_J-M304 Top News  August 6, 2012, BES - Friends, we appreciate very much all the orders of L927, which have allowed us to learn much more about its place on the tree.  All of the test results have been positive, contrary to expectations.  Thomas Krahn has now explained that the one L927 test result which was reported as negative (ancestral), was actually a NULL result -- that is, the lab could not produce any result for that sample.  The negative result, as it was reported, led us to believe that it would be useful in splitting J2a3.  We now know that it's probably equivalent to L26 and L27, though we'll be glad to have results confirming that from all subclades.  

Now there are two points for you to consider. One, to prevent future trouble that could be caused for us and all the other projects, by NULL results being reported as negative, we need to let FTDNA know of our strong feelings that this must change. Thomas Krahn has advocated this change for years, but has not been able to get it fixed, all by himself.  So please, write (politely) to FTDNA and ask them to have their IT department report all NULL SNP results as such, rather than as negative (ancestral).   It's just a matter of their prioritizing this as a task for IT.   If you will be attending the FTDNA conference this fall, that will also be a great opportunity to advocate for it.

Second, the really good news is that I've been able to find many good strong SNPs in a J2a3* sample (called HG01991) we just got access to in the 1000 Genomes project data, and these will soon be developed into some SNPs that you can order.  This new Peruvian sample is L26+, M67-, but it shares many of these new SNPs with all of the M67+ samples.  This means that these SNPs are located upstream of M67, within J2a3, and should indeed allow us to define a new branch of J2a3 (which may include some of the existing branches).  HG01991 is also negative for the new SNPs Z2220, Z2221, and Z2222, which are positive in another J2a3* sample, and also positive in all the L24+ SNPs.  Thus, in the 1000 Genomes Project data, we've found two mutually exclusive branches of J2a3!  For now, it would be very useful to start testing Z2220, while we wait for the availability of the new SNPs.  Anyone in J2a3* can try it, especially if your haplotype is similar to those that are L24+.

And finally, we can look forward to many more valuable new J SNPs, because data from seven completely new J samples have just become available from 1000 Genomes!  I'll be analyzing that data a.s.a.p.! 

June/July 2012, BES & CR: New WTY SNP to test in J1c3d* (L147.1+): L1253.  Members of J1c3d cluster B, and anyone whose haplotype is at all similar, are urged to order L1253!  See News, MolGen Forum L1253.
New SNP to test under J2a3 (L26+): L250.2. Subclades of these are J2a3c (M68+) and L1064+! Project members who could be positive for these SNP will find specific recommendations in the Results table. See News, MolGen Forum L250.2, L251.2, L1064 and MolGen Forum J-L26 J2a3 (J2a4) subclades SNP discoveries news info

Please help
us to refine the tree, and to gather the evidence needed to include new SNPs as branches in the official ISOGG J tree, by testing the SNPs suggested in the table Y-DNA results > Classic (set Page Size to 2500) or by an Admin. One SNP will cost $29. Here's how to order:
  • Y-DNA_J-M304 MapLogin to FTDNA (MyFTDNA) > Order an Upgrade > Order an Advanced Test > Select Filter Test Type SNP
  • Search for recommended SNP (e.g. L927) and Add it to the cart. Repeat the last step for additional SNPs.
  • Make your order clicking on Next, etc.
We invite all members of the paternal Y-DNA haplogroup J, from anywhere in the world, to join, and welcome all interested researchers. Our volunteer project with no commercial intentions has an inclusive, open access philosophy! Since 2006 we've encouraged everyone to freely share their Y-DNA data for our common benefit (See also our Goals and Results). Please consider also donations to support our work.  With the recent discoveries of so many major SNPs, we need to test quite a few kits, and appreciate your generosity: please write your comments and wishes in the donation Note.
  • Compare your haplotype to people of all surnames and ethnic groups, and from countries all over the world. This may allow you to gain insight into your family's early origins.
  • Get assigned to a subgroup (cluster) based strictly on cluster analysis of marker values, and your SNP results. Ethnic labels on some subgroups are "after the fact" descriptions, not criteria for inclusion.
  • Y-DNA_J-M304 MapHear about the latest J-SNPs that are discovered, developed and that become available for ordering for members of the J haplogroup, with guidance on who will benefit by testing them.
  • See your subgroup status updated according to the latest data analysis and SNP information available.
  • You can help: if you see members of Haplogroup J show up in your surname, ethnic, or geographical project, or in Ysearch search results, etc., who are not members of the J-Haplogroup Project, please ask them to join! Especially if their haplotypes look unusual or different from others you've seen.
FAQ subgrouping/clustering: FAQ Markers, FAQ SNPs/Deepclade
  • under 20 markers: rough clustering. Marker upgrade and/or Deepclade-SNP test is suggested.
  • 20 - 67 markers: basic to good clustering. Advanced SNP test is suggested.
  • over 67 markers: advanced clustering. Advanced SNP test is suggested.
  • Important J-Haplogroup SNP's: M304 (J), M267 (J1), M172 (J2), L136 (J1c), M410 (J2a), M102 (J2b), P58 (J1c3), L26 (J2a3), M241 (J2b2), L147.1 (J1c3d), M67 (J2a3b), L24 (J2a3h), L25 (J2a3h2), L70 (J2a3h2a1).
  • Advanced SNP Tests are needed to refine deep clades and confirm nearest matches.
  • To view all results, please set Page Size to 2500.
  • Haplogroup J Nomenclature SystemsISOGG J (genetic genealogy community); FTDNA Draft J tree (lab research director Thomas Krahn); YCC, Karafet et al 2008 J (academic publication, see also the FTDNA version for comparison with ISOGG).
Y-DNA_J-M304 Map About the people doing the work for the Project:
All the current Group Administrators have begun with a simple private DNA-Test and eventually step by step have become Y-DNA Haplogroup-J experts by passion. They are not paid by FTDNA or others and do all the work in their free time.
  • Bonnie Schrack, Founder of the J Project, Librarian, Genetic Genealogist, Greenbelt, MD, US.
    Father is J2a3i (J2a>L26>L198, #9856 Schrag ~1740 Alsace), ISOGG Admin J, SNP research, FTDNA-Projects: Y-DNA A HG, mtDNA HG I, Swiss Anabaptist, Anabaptist FF, Hoover, Schrock/Schrag.
  • Dr. Tim Janzen, family practice doctor, Genetic Genealogist, Mennonite Genealogy & DNA, Portland, OR, US.
    J2a3h2a1* (J2a>L26>L24>L25>DYS445≤7>L70, #23148 Janzen ~1730 West Prussia), timjanzen.com, Mennonite DNA Project, ISOGG Admin J, 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador, FTDNA Projects: Y-DNA J-L24, Anabaptist FF, Zane DNA
  • Victar Mas, Irvington, NY, US. Catalan genealogy.
    R1b1b2a1a2c, J1c3d (J1c>P58>L147.1)
  • Marco A. Ricci, Art Historian, Vienna, AT.
    J1c3d* (J1c>P58>L147.1, #E13058 Kutschak 1881 Styria), FTDNA Projects: Y-DNA J1c3d KMY
  • Chris Rоttеnѕtеіnеr, Genetic Genealogist, Designer & Web-Dev., South Tyrol, IT.
    J2a3(c2?) (J2a>L26>L250.2>L1064, #E4955 Kasserer Rotenstain ~1480 Tyrol), FTDNA Projects: AlpGen

Y-DNA_J-M304 MapLinks Y-DNA J Research (Lists, Trees, Maps, Frequency-Collections, Discussions, etc.). Please join, share and contribute in to the community:

General Fund

Current balance: $254.65

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $100.00 8/8/2012 John C. Edens     Unknown
Debit $29.00 8/8/2012     115615 Unknown
Debit $27.00 7/24/2012     N104541 Unknown
Credit $210.00 7/24/2012 Bonnie Schrack For J2a3i-L198 research   Individual
Debit $72.00 7/24/2012     N104541 Unknown
Debit $109.00 7/15/2012     9856 Unknown
Debit $29.00 7/11/2012     9856 Unknown
Credit $87.00 7/11/2012 Chris R. L250.2 for Bonnie's kit, L250.2 & L1064 for a clade/cluster not covered by new orders (see spreadsheet, used at the discretion of Chris R.)   Individual
Debit $87.00 7/3/2012     122074 Unknown
Credit $87.00 6/30/2012 Susan G. Boyle This should be used to test kit 122074 for SNPs L927, L250.2, and L1064   Individual
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